with Kevin Clifford


From the moment we hear them, we all want to be able to play our favorite songs right away! 

Getting excited about playing is just the first step on journey to becoming an accomplished pianist. At PML, we like to use the Musician’s 3 P’s for Success: 





Our first lesson is about me getting to know you! What are your favorite songs and artists? Have you ever played the piano before? If so, can you show me what you know? If not, we will talk about what your goals and the best way to maximize your progress. In order to become a better musician, you must first love what you’re doing and secondly, PRACTICE DILIGENTLY! I will design a practice routine that works around your schedule and ability. While we are making you a better pianist, we also want to always HAVE FUN! 


Traditionally, we begin with understanding the notes on the keyboard, finding middle C, hand/finger position, posture, basic rhythms, and theory. We will begin reading simple one-handed melodies, eventually adding in left hand bass and playing chords. The exercises I assign you will often be from your favorite artist/song or commonly heard classical and pop repertoire. I have studied the Suzuki method and found it to be particularly accessible for young learners and anyone who isn’t familiar with music theory. 


My priority is keeping you engaged and excited while also understanding the discipline it takes to improve your skills on an instrument. We will always confront obstacles and challenges together and you will discover ways to simplify seemingly difficult concepts. I look forward to our first lesson together!




As you begin to reap the rewards of passionate practice, progress has no choice but to follow. The exercises you learned from the first few lessons will be a breeze and you will naturally seek more advanced techniques, repertoire, and ways of thinking about the instrument. You will find yourself wanting to perform in front of friends, family, and even in public settings. Perhaps you start your own YouTube Channel where you establish a following of fans who love what you play and how you play it! Instead of seeing challenges as obstacles, you will see them as opportunities to grow and learn as a musician and as a person.