Whether you are trying to rock out, get funky, win a spot on the drum line, or explore the eclectic rhythms of jazz and Latin music, our drum lessons will keep you satisfied and hungry for more!  



Learn the basics or develop your chops on the electric or acoustic guitar. Blues, rock, soul,  funk, bluegrass, folk, and more. Discover new chords, riffs, and how to improvise, jam, and play by ear! Learn how to craft songs and get feedback on your compositions.


Our piano lessons will get you playing your favorite classical, pop, jazz, and any other songs you want to learn. You will learn to read notation, chords, and accompany a singer!

Pro Recording

Need high quality content for a college or high school portfolio, or just want to lay down some tracks? We provide access to our home pro-audio recording studio for students over 13 and adults.