guitar LESSONS

WITH Jonah tolchin

Whether you are learning to play the guitar for the first time, or hitting a wall as an advanced, or intermediate player, we will work together to rise to any challenge. We will learn fundamentals of technique, theory concepts, how to play by ear, and will have fun playing improvising together! There will also be learning opportunities for those interested in the art of songwriting.


For new students the first thing we will do is have a conversation about your experience with the instrument and what your short-term and long term goals are. For those who have experience, we will do some jamming for assessment. From there each student will have a different weekly lesson plan based on both interest and needed foundational development.

For beginners the guitar can be a frustrating instrument. There is a big learning curve to overcome, but with persistence and hard work it will always pay off. We will work with simple exercises that are designed to help develop dexterity and calluses. With a little bit of patience and practice anyone can climb this first mountain.

We will cover a variety of genres and styles based on your interest.


Ultimately, the progress and unfolding will be up to each student individually. Learning an instrument is a life-long undertaking, and our goal is to provide teaching and mentorship that will serve our students based on what they want. The sky is the limit! For those who are starting out, or are unsure of what they would like to learn direction and formalized instructions will be given every step of the way. It is our mission to help provide the foundational skills needed to start asking the right questions that will inspire growth.