Learning how to play the drums can seem like an unconquerable challenge. How can I possibly move all of my limbs in coordination to produce the beats and grooves of my dreams? Well, have no fear. At Princeton Music Lessons, you will learn at your pace and with your goals in mind. Prepare to discover natural abilities you didn’t know you had, your learning style, and how to conquer challenges. 





The best drummers didn’t simply walk up to a set of drums and play award-winning rhythms. They started from scratch and so will we! 


We will work from the ground up. I will ask you some simple questions about your musical experiences and never be ashamed to say, I HAVE NONE! 


We will spend a few minutes getting to know each other and discussing goals and expectations. The more I know about you the better so I can design a lesson plan just for you. If you can’t play anything or don’t feel like playing by yourself that is fine! For total beginners, we will play some basic rhythms on hand drums to get warmed-up. I will show you how to hold a proper stick grip, posture, obtaining ‘bounce’ from a drum, and playing a few rhythm games. 


Whatever we cover in each lesson, I notate in a journal (provided by PLM) that you keep as a record of everything you learn and practice. Assignments will vary student to student but typically will consist of: warm-up, challenge rhythms, music vocabulary, play-alongs, and free play!


I want to know your favorite songs and artists so that you will be able to play just like them! If nothing comes to mind, we will listen to examples of great drumming and try to copy some of their “licks” (short rhythm patterns). 

You are then responsible for practicing an assignment each week. We will talk about an extremely important topic HOW, WHEN, WHERE, and WHAT TO PRACTICE!! 


If you are feeling inspired by what you learn during your first lesson, we invite you to continue exploring the world of drumming with us! 





As we progress with lessons you will start to see remarkable results in your playing. You will be amazed at how fast you learn and begin to understand how to break complex concepts down into simple tasks. We will discuss and work on groove, time-keeping, dynamics, phrasing, world rhythms, reading charts and more. You will be exposed to various styles of music and drumming i.e. jazz, funk, hip-hop, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian. Your goals and interests may change over time with exposure to new music and you may want to change course.