As working professional musicians, we know that music has the power to change lives. It is our mission to provide a unique learning experience for children and adults that goes beyond technical proficiency. Through compassionate expertise, we help students identify their natural abilities and teach them how to make their voices heard through an instrument.







"Jonah is an incredibly kind and cool guy, and an exceptionally talented and caring guitar teacher. Certainly the best teacher I have had, and I have taken lessons from quite a few great teachers. As an extremely talented musician, he's able to work on any aspect of the instrument that you might want to explore: He can work with anyone, from beginners to more experienced players, and on pretty much any genre. I have personally worked with him on blues, R&B, rock, and more contemporary music, and there is no style he isn't excellent at. He can help with different strumming and picking styles, and even on things like songwriting and music theory. Jonah's as good as they get when it comes to guitar teachers, and is extremely flexible and capable when it comes to teaching remotely. No one better in Princeton."

- Owen

Jonah is a wonderful guitar teacher. Patient and very knowledgable. He broke down some walls and made me a much better player after only one lesson. Highly recommend regardless of what level you are at.

- Peter

Kevin is the best drum teacher around! He is extremely talented, patient and professional. I have made significant progress working with him. Kevin is caring and creates an encouraging atmosphere to help you succeed. Flexible scheduling as well. I always look forward to my lessons!

- Morgan


My son took lessons for about 2 years with Kevin and loved it! He really helped him through several audition pieces and his playing improved greatly. Kevin is very patient and wants to see his students succeed. He will push the student if they need it, but always in a caring and considerate way. Great guy, great teacher!​


- Anna



I have been taking guitar lessons with Jonah for about nine months now and it has been one of the single most worthwhile pursuits I have been a part of. Not only has he taught me music theory, how to communicate with other musicians, and the technical aspects you'd expect from a guitar teacher in a way that was easy to understand, but he has also shed light on new ways of thinking that allowed me to enjoy the process so that I truly love playing the instrument. Each session, he inquires about and listens to what I want to accomplish in our lesson and his experience allows him to quickly adapt to where ever my focus is. Opposed to other music teachers I had in the past who had an agenda of songs for me to learn that I was uninterested in, he allows me to choose songs that I am passionate about and I really feel this drove me to practice a lot more. A few of them of were beyond my skill level but with his knowledge he showed me ways to play them within my skill range. If I don't have questions or something in particular to focus on, he is very good at taking the lead and teaching me something new that expands what is possible for me in my playing. I am writing, learning, singing, and playing songs now and thats what I wanted to accomplish. When you take lessons from Jonah it is not about him, it is about you and why you want to play and then he allows that to shape the focus. It is refreshing and I always look forward to our lessons because of this. I highly recommend him as a guitar teacher!

- Brian 

Jonah is a wonderful guitar teacher. Patient and very knowledgable. He broke down some walls and made me a much better player after only one lesson. Highly recommend regardless of what level you are at.

- Peter

A great teacher, been with him for a few years now. Always has a lesson plan and a future path for his lessons and I highly recommend Kevin!

- Ronil


Kevin is very interactive and easy to work with, he walks you through each step and will go at whatever pace you are comfortable with.

- Anthony

At 60 years old, I restarted my guitar journey with Jonah after many years of fits, starts and watching my instruments get dusty in the closet. Jonah has been a very positive and creative coach and has significantly improved my confidence and success on the instrument.When studying an instrument, one size does not fit all, and Jonah fully embraces this truth. He has a highly communicative style that always encourages the student in a most positive and holistic way.He recognizes that every student is unique and therefore, has a unique goal in mind with their guitar studies. It is a personal journey and Jonah has the guitar skills, professional credentials (I mean, have you read his bio?), and the insight to adapt and support each student’s journey.Regardless of the student’s age, I highly recommend Jonah for an uncommon guitar exploration.


- Clark M

We feel so grateful to have Jonah teach guitar lessons to our 6 year old son. Besides the fact that Jonah is a super talented musician, he is a wonderful teacher who has a great demeanor with kids. He is kind, patient and flexible. He has found a way to engage our son to enjoy his lessons and even want to practice and play songs for friends and family! Jonah teaches the fundamentals while at the same time finding creative ways to keep our son interested. We highly recommend Jonah! Both his expert knowledge of the guitar along with his kind, gentle nature make him a truly special teacher.


- Pam

My understanding of the guitar and music in general has grown so much in this past year than from the last two decades of noodling and trying to learn via online videos. His style of teaching is exactly what I was looking for, practical playing techniques, learning by doing, learning by tab and enough music theory to bring the concepts together. It’s been one of the most rewarding investments during 2020 and I can’t recommend Princeton Music Lessons enough!

- Doug

Taking drum lessons with Kevin for the last several years has honestly been one of the greatest joys of my life, and I only regret that I hadn’t met him sooner! I came to him as a curious hobbyist, and he gave me the tools to grow a serious passion for music - everything from playing gigs with a casual band, and even producing my own tracks. From the beginning, he taught the fundamentals in a way that made me appreciate the work I was doing and why it would help me grow. He showed me to really feel the music, to play in any genre and to jam with any type of musician. Kevin is not just a drummer, but a phenomenal musician - often in the middle of a session, he’ll pick up one of the several instruments in the room (some of which I’d never even seen before) and play along to demonstrate some principal or simply to make my session more fun. Over the years, Kevin’s passion, patience, and genuine interest in my learning has made this an incredible experience, and I plan to continue taking lessons with him as I develop into the future.

- Jon

Kevin is a good music teacher. Our 8 year old has taken drum lesson from him for over a year now and we see him making progress faster than previous couple of years. Age obviously plays a role in the progress but one important thing that Kevin brings in is that he brings the actual "music" components into instrument learning. With this approach, my son started to enjoy playing as a part of music other than just practicing the techniques. He actually wants to play drum along with songs he likes on YouTube and enjoys it. Highly recommend for parents who has young music learners.

- Shenwei

I HIGHLY Recommend Jonah! I was truly at the VERY beginning of learning the guitar. I couldn't even tune the dang thing. We had our lessons via ZOOM and I learned so much through that portal. I praise Jonah's patience and ability to communicate the instrument to beginners. He had me feeling confident and I now know my way around, understanding the foundations that will leverage me to a skill level I never thought I could achieve. I appreciated the songs he would always recommended for me to check out and to practice on my own time. He is punctual and will never leave you waiting or hanging and most importantly, it was a good time and lots of fun!

- Chrissy

I can’t recommend lessons with Jonah enough. He is incredibly knowledgable, adapts everything based on my needs and explains things in a range of ways so that it makes sense. Being a complete novice, he shows patience and good humour - very much appreciated when starting something new! If he can teach me, he can teach anyone 😂.

- Kerry




Playing music has proven positive effects and lifelong benefits in both children and adults:


  • Builds self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Enhances cognitive development

  • Exercises the brain

  • Staves off depression

  • Inspires creativity and innovation

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Increases productivity

  • Improves problem solving and critical analysis skills

  • Strengthens perseverance and study habits

  • Fosters superior working memory

  • Fights memory loss

  • Reduces stress

  • Creates social connections and bonds

  • Improves coordination

  • Improves reading and comprehension

  • Nurtures self expression

  • Teaches perseverance and creates a sense of achievement

  • Improves math skills

  • Creates responsibility

  • Improves listening and social skills

  • Leads to higher scores in verbal and math classes

  • Increases average SAT scores

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